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  1. Has Jay become a zombie? Cuz I can't imagine the other zombies are paying him much... Q's up 1.5% because... well just because. Inflation I guess. What a racket.
  2. Why not. Can't get goods, can't find employees, interest rates on the rise, everything is coming up roses!
  3. SAND holding up well. Watching AEM, nobody seems to like the merger with KL but KL's CEO is said to be picked to run it. I like but not rushing in.
  4. Man, they really don't want gold over 1800. Whoever "they" are.
  5. I remember when the fed didn't print 100 billion+ a month. Risk isn't gone, most are simply ignoring it now.
  6. I got short at 9:35, breakfast paid for. Planning an expensive lunch too!
  7. Title is fine, I click every morning not for the literary excellence, just like to hear what you're thinking... and often a good chuckle
  8. Workin' it, short small caps and big tech right before the open
  9. Nibbling on PM miners, bought SAND under 6. Got to buy em while they're on sale. I do know they aren't a miner but royalties are good. Love AG, was hoping to pick it up around 10. Now looking like the bargain was under 11 but I'm still hopeful. AEM buying KL, should be awesome if gold catches fire. Pretty good even if it doesn't.
  10. When a simple correction can't be allowed and all time highs must be maintained at all cost, when the FED prints with abandon, we are near the end. God help us when it breaks.
  11. Seems they spend all night getting the futures green, all day trying to prop it up and the last hour failing miserably.
  12. Jimbo, do you have a backtest? Chart? I'd say 10 is being generous, need some proof
  13. Tooth hurty, (2:30) time for the wind to change...? Been hitting the turns today, up over 5%
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