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  1. Awww shucks, it's been a good week and I'm feeling like I'm still 59! Lol
  2. I'm taking profits here, think the move is done for now
  3. Let's break 1.74% on the 10 year and see what happens...
  4. Bit of a head and shoulders on the IWM, watch out if it can't break out here. All short term of course.
  5. I had to short the q's on that open, happy birthday to me!
  6. I'm in cash. Made $1200 shorting today, but those were in and out trades, different styles. I'm just happy to be out because I see high risk here. We kinda agree, you say you know when to GTFO and it must not be too far off
  7. I know, the last roaring 20's didn't end until '29. But then what happened... this will not end well.
  8. That being said, are you buying? Or are you fully invested drooling at the thought of all the money you'll make...
  9. In March 2000 most thought the rally would continue, that's what got us there. Same as today.
  10. The things we are all aware of have been priced into the market, thus historic high valuations. How much more, how many more fools can they sell stocks to? I think that's why we are stalling here. I believe we are near the end of the rope. We already have mass euphoria. Just my opinion.
  11. Yes, I have. And they could double again. Then what will we eat?
  12. And where were rates and Fed balance sheet at then? Not intending to argue, but your dollars are fast becoming worthless. Yes, we will continue to print, but at what cost?
  13. Record levels of bullishness, both pro and amateur. I'd say all those bulls have already bought. So who will they dump their stonks on? Doesn't take much to drop this sucker
  14. So... Who do you suppose is selling into all this bullish liquidity? It isn't me...
  15. Jerome has met with the homeless many times, and they are us. Yes, he actually said that. What a crock, but what else is new.
  16. I'll be out before 2pm, won't hold anything into the Fed. Been burned too many times.
  17. Well, i held my IWM shorts overnight, switched to shorting the spike on the q's... so far so good!
  18. I just saw some weakness today, more profit taking than anything, made me a quick $1000
  19. I I don't doubt you either, I do appreciate your insights into the fed and the macro side of things. Much respect for what you do!
  20. Hmmm... no place like all time highs to build a portfolio?
  21. Shorting again, Russell 2k needs a rest, I figure it finishes in the red today
  22. Shorting small caps here, caught the downdraft on the q's this morning and got out with a nice quick gain.
  23. I'd guess he's around 50, first daughter in first year of college. Mine is graduating vet school next month, one proud daddy ☺
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