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  1. Thank you for that. So many believe the fed is in control and sets the tone (and rates). I wish more would wake up to the truth.
  2. Seems they're fighting a loosing battle to keep the dollar index up
  3. Now is a good time for gold miners. Baby thrown out with the bath water, I smell opportunity.
  4. Well we weren't 30 trillion in debt... Keep spending. Stopping is sure death. Right?
  5. Indexes seem determined to touch their 200 day averages and refuse to go down until they do. Small caps are there and stagnant, waiting on s&p and nasdaq. That's where I see them failing, so not much more of this but too early to call it.
  6. Looks like a lot of limit selling here. I'm taking a nibble on a short. Dip buyers are done for. IMHO
  7. Right at declining trend line on the Q's. It's a rebound, not a rally. Why we're stalling.
  8. Maybe we can get 8.4% next month... woo hoo! That's a trend, right?
  9. My stack of silver is happy. i do think i heard it jingle when i woke up
  10. Small caps are unreal. Waiting and watching, wondering how many will go bankrupt when they can't roll the debt.
  11. Canada lost 200k jobs. ADP says we lost 300k. Gov says we gained 400k. They never lie, right?
  12. Down day? I was in SQQQ... Miners looked good early, still compared to big tech wasn't that bad a finish. I bought more.
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