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  1. Canada lost 200k jobs. ADP says we lost 300k. Gov says we gained 400k. They never lie, right?
  2. Down day? I was in SQQQ... Miners looked good early, still compared to big tech wasn't that bad a finish. I bought more.
  3. So... it's over? LOL yes I played the song... now if you would be so kind as to define "it"
  4. You call that a low? Rainbows and unicorns fo'eva! Stocks don't go down, not since March last year anyway. They're just teasing the bears. You know, it's not wise to tease those beasts. Too warm to hibernate this winter. Danger Will Robinson. Boy did they try to pull the legs off the gold bugs this morning. I was buying miners.
  5. My PM miners are doing mighty well. They get hammered in the first half hour and then up we Go! Put in some low bids and caught one this morning, building quite the portfolio. Dollar weakness helps alot.
  6. DOOM!!! Is rather good for my PM miners. Very good! My personal best day ever today.
  7. I'm here, won't catch me shopping on a black Friday but I did stock up on dog food at 40% off yesterday... gotta love Chewy! Free delivery to my front door? Yes please! LOL Bought the dip S&P down 2%... out before close, just a day trade. Miners holding up pretty well, bought GOLD at Wednesday's low, ex dividend on Monday
  8. Ahh, the barbarous relic. Picked up some miners today at black Friday prices. Lower they go the more I'll buy. How long can they keep precious metals down? Seems everything but has inflated. Gold and silver have to be the "to the moon" trade soon. Maybe GenX wants bitcoin but I'll take the hard assets. Seems a no-brainer to me now. Please sell all you can, I'll be buying.
  9. Fed governors must have loaded up on futures assuming they were the first to know. Let the corruption continue!
  10. TPTB is scared Powell won't get the nod. And why should he with all the fraud he's overseen?
  11. Seems we have a bit of selling but no rush for the exits... yet
  12. Listening to your interview! Nice to put a voice to your musings and thanks for sharing!
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