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  1. Half the CNBC 'Trumponomics" rally gone now!
  2. 2610 = 50% retracement of price since inauguration in the area of lows from prior this year. The lower blue trendline connects the major lows from 2011 and 2016 since the bull market began in 2009. Just a few things I am watching. I have been trading QQQ and PSQ with my system and enjoying the ride down!
  3. Not many equity markets outside the US that haven't had the 50/200 DMA "death cross" already this year. DAX looks like its going to test the neckline of a double head and shoulders. Biotechs never took out their all time high in this (final?) tech blow off. Russell 2000 began selling off early last month and testing it 200 DMA. Well just a few observations from the peanut gallery. None of this is news here I'm sure, just felt like I had to give out a chirp, hope my showing up won't BOOF things up.
  4. Biotechs have been consolidating below their 200DMA already and it looks like we are finally going to leave behind that support band and the 3 year B-wave channel up. Still leading the Dow,NDX.SP today in loss. Watching closely for them to help guide the bear downward! Been playing BIS today as usual.
  5. Stopped me out! Off to a bike ride with my GF at 2:30 anyhow. Boring day, hopefully we see those lows go tomorrow! See ya all tomorrow
  6. Shorted the triangle break here, see what happens...
  7. IBB is pretty much tracking QQQ so far too, but when we get to the supercrash, and the biotechs break the bottom of that gigantic channel up since 2015 I expect them to outperform as they did in wave A down! I wish things were always as clean and easy as this trendline support break on IBB today!
  8. Tightened up stop I'm happy with it right here for my first scalp of the year!
  9. Shorted using BIS, had one big consolidation since open and broke down! BIS = 2X inverse IBB
  10. Unfortunately I can't get the quote function to work on my system and that is why you don't see me use it. Anyhow glad I am of some use here zero-v! Jorma my sister is remodeling her bathroom and she is installing a toilet from Kohler that indeed is wifi connected, don't know if apple has an i-Crap yet
  11. I missed the train yesterday, helping my brother with some projects. Here is a chart of WTIC to ponder while we wait to see which way this breaks today. The 14-16 collapse, a nice 5 wave down has retraced to .50 with an A-B-C up. So far it is holding here. The XLE has diverged recently from following crude closely and has plummeted the past few weeks, it was one of the bigger losers yesterday.
  12. Biotechs in a choppy B-wave channel working upwards for 2 years after a parabolic 5 wave bull market exhausted and the first bear market wave A going down into the wave 4 price area and testing the exact 50% retracement level. Very B-wave like action here, choppy and channeling. Before the next big wave down © this needs to go back to the bottom of the channel. Looks like already they may be on their way. Worth keeping an eye on that lower channel trend line and how the other indices patterns are positioned!
  13. Failure to launch! Stopped out even at Dow 24,780. Appears wave d extended itself and dropped the lower trendline of the triangle so it is not as pretty but it still is intact for a future potential pattern trade. I didn't like that the original e-wave was so short in time and price. E-waves typically are long, choppy and often consolidate pricewise in the half of the triangle they are going to eventually break through. Most of the other indices were not positioned in patterns with important support to break through so I am not surprised by this outcome. It was a low risk short set up. I think this market has a more work to do before any big move. I see corrective patterns still unfolding so there is good reason to believe we are in topping process that will eventually break down. Good Luck Out there. Madness you continue to amaze me with your trading! Now out to go bicycling and drone flying!!
  14. So far looks like this could be the real deal, short using DOG executed at 24,790 on Dow! Stop the same.
  15. We could see the start of a substantial sell off Monday, probably. (one slightly more degree of positive than maybe) I can't help but notice the Dow is a textbook Elliott contracting triangle The common move out is equal to the base (wave a ) and that would take us right to the upper channel trendline of the entire bull market from 2009 on monthly semi-log chart. A non-limiting feature in this triangle indicates it has a good likelihood of going further. Each wave is in precise Fibonacci ratio to the base wave a: b=.68a, c=.50a d=.38a. You don't see them with such perfect fractal symmetry very often. The bad news is with a triangle in this position the complete move down can only be seen as much larger degree A, not as bearish if it were a Wave 3 with massive impulsive structure. But first things first. I will be using that bottom trendline of the triangle to trigger a short position trade. I am comfortably retired and not privy to daytrading especially when the weather is nice out but sometimes I like to play the biotechs intraday when the market has got a solid intermediate trend going. Good luck trading everyone. I am becoming much more concerned about the escalating chaos within our White House than the markets. I have never witnessed anything like this in my lifetime and I have lived through an awful lot of shit!

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