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  1. There is a nice Fibo confluence of resistance there of both large and smaller degree waves down. Also this wave up has a nice A-B-C structure with A=C and a messy expanding triangle for B taking it right to the same level. Gives this a good shot at being the turning point back down. Still holding everything short except the biotech BIS closed with a nice gain. Oh add that is fufilled backtesting the wave 4 area another EW rule.
  2. All airlines had Ted Stryker piloting today... familiar crash pattern with the semi crescent roll off in volatility then CRASH and BURN!
  3. Back to bear mode with Transports leading, paused at the 1.0 now looking at the 1.6 Fibo target @8000.
  4. On that weekly chart the big two day pop does not look that impressive...no candlestick reversal that I know of. I see a A-B-C corrective wave structure in this rally on 5 min. My system is a hair from pulling my shorts!
  5. 2260 = 61.8 retracement of 2016 low to this years top. Also 1.618 extension of wave 3 relative to wave 1 AND takes out the Trump start line at 2276! 200 week SMA is 2350, just tested it.
  6. I listen to you Lee but don't say much. I have learned to remain humble in the presence of great men! A good day here, no pause in the bear market with the biotechs today, down about 3%
  7. The transports wave 3 is at their 1.0 extension of wave 1 , if they don't hold here, look where the 1.618 is! Down 2.6% today leading the way. The inverse etf is my biggest gainer thus far.
  8. I expected something more dovish, it sure seemed most of those on CNBC and Fox Business News today did too. The Transports just returned to it's Trump starting line!
  9. Another W turned into a M...feeling a little better about my BIS entry now that the big bad Fed news is in. Looks like SP just did a nice test of the upper trendline of this wave.
  10. Biotechs have breached their Maginot line on daily close yesterday. Added some BIS with a stop loss at the line.
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