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  1. Stunning speculation in gold and silver: SLV (silver ETF) call volume is at an ALL-TIME HIGH, higher than even in 2011 GLD (gold ETF) call volume is near one of the highest levels ever *see charts below: https://t.co/f2mx2vxJZ1
  2. I'm amazed by former UBS TA guys, now Global MAcro Cycle Partners Here is a recap of 2020 strategy (january 2020) Gold, miners, dxf, eurusd, spx djia
  3. Doc its not a question about vaccination which took 5 years to develop. I fully agree on that. Covid19 is different. There is such a rush, that many procedures are ommited/skip. Will see. Im just not that optimistic on that matter.
  4. I have simple question - who would love to vaccinated if this vaccination happend in US within 6 moths, instead of 3-5 years? I think there will be huge problem, if this will not be a mandatory. Most will not take a shot in the arm.
  5. EURUSD - long term if they break 1.16 (which is 50% fibo of last fall) ,then 1.18-1.19 is the place to stop the uptrend. Q candles
  6. Yeap. It will mostly move in the same direction as euro but dxy is not only about euro It is a weighted geometric mean of the dollar's value relative to following select currencies: Euro (EUR), 57.6% weight Japanese yen (JPY) 13.6% weight Pound sterling (GBP), 11.9% weight Canadian dollar (CAD), 9.1% weight Swedish krona (SEK), 4.2% weight Swiss franc (CHF) 3.6% weight
  7. nasdaq is overbought. maybe a correction? this will slow the bulls since 25% of market cap is nasdaq and 5 stocks.
  8. The trend is your friend, until the end when it bends. Keep grinding higher.
  9. I think they will print again and after so many years, so many years Im becoming a gold bug. I was never a gold bug. I was somehow naive that the problems will be somehow solved. They were not. Since GFC debt is getting bigger. The price of house/appartment in safe places like Zurich, Toronto, Oslo is getting more and more expensive. I have friends in all of those places and my friends are telling me that locals, even richer cant buy those RE any more. I think it could last 5 to 10 more years. Who knows. I know that its not a time to look for "trades". Its a time to find a shelter. nothing mor
  10. Having in mind what is happening in the world - pumping zillions USD from US to China - its not hard to buy equties, gold and crypto. Both major economies US and China, are in the middle of great crisis and both national leaders will pump as much money as they have to , to sustain the economy and markets. Having this in mind - its very hard to have short position. Its very hard not to have gold. Im amazed that liquidity doesnt work for markets anymore and UST debt supply didnt at least kill the markets, for summer time. This time is different? Are we in the final phase of this
  11. my bro from Chicago is telling me that there gonna be a civil war in US he said his neighbours are loaded with ammo and guns there gonna be some blue flu on 4 of july or something. I never heard him so scared. he said he is thinking about moving to Canada.
  12. is this a joke? Coronavirus: White House plans to disband virus task force https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52553829
  13. This is a reason for breakup of EU/EMU. South is again terribly hit, north again is doing ok. This really could kill euro in the long run. North and Germany have to agree to common budget but I would put on table common tax and get rid of this tax cheats which happens in Ireland or Holland.
  14. Doc, I have to go now but if you need help in Poland do let me know. I admire your work and your way of life. In priv I could send you my local mobile number. Just remember that when you cross border right now you have to be quarantined for 14 days in one place. You cant move outside. There is mobile app which you have to install and make selfie (really!) every 4 hours to confirm you are at this place. Here is a link to google play for that app in polish (called Kwarantanna domowa which means House Quarantine) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.nask.droid.kwarantan
  15. Poland was the 4th (nominal) hardest hit country during WWII. ZSRR - 26 mln peope China - 15-20 mln people Germany - 6,9-7,4 mln people Poland - 5,9-6 mln people In terms of % of total population it was the 1st Poland regularly had problems because it is in the centre of Europe, between Germany Austria and Russia. Milions were killed during last 200 years and we lost our independance for 123 years. We had three Polish partitions - Poland was split to Prusia, austria russia etc We still have a lot of problems. Now the biggest is populism. We are ruled by Kac
  16. Its not true right now. Since you live in Europe than you know that Europe is great in heavy industries like car engines, cars, planes, factories and in general B2B (business to business) services. Heavy industries now sucks ass. Really. Europe is missing so called Digital Single Market. there are no unicors. NADA, ZIP. You could say maybe German SAP, maybe one. If there was good digital player then it was bought by US like Skype from estonia was bought by microsoft. Take a look at electronics in BMW - is just pure crap. US on the other side has the scale and software. Since most of
  17. Its not whole market that is moving up, its mainly big TECH like MSFT which now captured 25% of SP500 and most market cap of this market. Ive just read that most stocks hit 52 week low! Iv seen a chart which presents MSFT vs FTSE100 market cap. One MSFT is the same size as british FTSE 100 !!!! So if you talk about market as a MSFT then its moving up. when you look and many other markets including EM then is movind down or sideways for the last month. Just take a look at EMFX USDMXN, USDTRY (new record today!), USDZAR and many more. I dont believe that 4k SP500 is possibl
  18. Euro Stoxx 50 futures - cliffhanger - below trend channel already
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