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  1. Here’s how Robinhood is raking in record cash on customer trades — despite making it free https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/13/how-robinhood-makes-money-on-customer-trades-despite-making-it-free.html
  2. At monday the latest we should have decent move on SP500. Im slowly buying some volatility.
  3. dont get me wrong. of course valuations of tech companies are frothy but its differnet then in 2002 when those companies didnt generate rev at all. we could have a correction but making a bet on crash or coming back to 2002 level is absurd to me. we live in different world. everything is becoming digital. everything.
  4. what? nasdaq? i cant agree with you. Those companies are monopolies and are generating huge revenues. its not 2002.
  5. Value Investing Is Short Tech Disruption https://www-sparklinecapital-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.sparklinecapital.com/amp/value-investing-is-short-tech-disruption
  6. Nice selloff in bonds market which pushes gold prices down also. 10 year bonds price near first good support so we will see if they save bonds then gold.
  7. Almost same, but article with Russel Napier https://themarket.ch/interview/russell-napier-central-banks-have-become-irrelevant-ld.2323
  8. Doc, at 2050 at gold you were laughing from my "overbought" comment https://wallstreetexaminer.com/2020/08/gold-is-overbought/
  9. Belarus is fighting for democracy tonight. keep fingers crossed. lukaszenka officialy get 80% of votes but in real life it was like 45 to 745 (based on rral lofe photos of protocols feom commissions)
  10. The withdrawal of USD liquidity (even if it has clearly abated in recent weeks) is a reason to expect EUR/USD to retrace from current levels as the hot money long EUR vs. USD positioning is already stretched at 21.1% of net open interest. We have only had 12 weeks of larger net long positioning on CFTC data over the past decade.
  11. Nasdaq looks to test 14k. It broke from channel (at least 3k points width). So as long as it is above 10.500 points, its good to go, even 14k.
  12. To recap: 1/ Evictions: No eviction moratorium or new rental $, asks HUD to "consider" if evictions should stop 2/ Unemployment: Uses $44B from FEMA to cover $300/week benefit for ~5 more weeks 3. Taxes: Option to defer payroll tax payment, but w/o new law they'll still be due
  13. Gold and silver still overboght. lets see what next week brings. Im curious whether this was just one day move on dollar or its start of something, at least a coreection which would move copper and commo in general
  14. What gold is doing and silver, its just amazing. Completely overbought, and it keep moving higher!
  15. Story for USD bulls https://e-markets.nordea.com/#!/article/59193/fx-weekly-the-usd-will-remain-the-no-1-reserve-currency
  16. tech still crushing numbers. they push the equities in US. Europe doesnt have tech.
  17. quick recap from europe - sell-off at dax, cac etc. Polish most speculative shits drop even by 15% today.
  18. https://federalnewsnetwork.com/government-news/2020/07/trump-floats-election-delay-amid-claims-of-voting-fraud/
  19. A Mighty Short Squeeze May Be Building in Gold An increase in demand for physical deliveries could trigger a parabolic rise and cause problems for banks. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-07-27/a-mighty-short-squeeze-may-be-building-in-gold-futures?sref=ZVajCYcV
  20. Thats interesting since Gold made one year ago new all time highs in euro. Same in jpy, gbp etc take a look at xaujpy xauchf xaugbp etc.
  21. Potatohead Dollar is falling because 1. Europe and many countries are better preparre for covid19. 2 US is in deep trouble with covid19. this means lower interest rate till 2025. 3 Europe just made a historic turn - EU created mutual bonds (debt) on last summit. They agreed to debt mutualisation, at least for covid19 grants. This means A. euro is safe B. there is new debt instrument to buy (rich countries could now buy euro debt instead of dollar debt) all in all, means euro is going higher. Many talks about 1.25 or even 1.35 for eurusd and.... china is
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