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  1. I think you miss the point. Bitcoin and many other crypto lost 50-70% and recovered. Made new ATH. Thats normal.
  2. Doc this is an interesting article because the author shows in the charts that QE does not work in terms of increasing lending to consumers or companies. With the money received from QE, banks mainly buy safe assets. "No matter how much the Fed buys from banks, giving them low-yielding bank reserves in the process, banks refuse portfolio effects by favoring safe, liquid instruments exclusively. Infact, the proportion of those (UST’s + GSE issued) being held in the aggregate is the highest in more than sixty years."
  3. Doc, you should read this Taper Rejection and ‘Inflation’, This Right Here Is Your 2022 https://alhambrapartners.com/2021/12/20/taper-rejection-and-inflation-this-right-here-is-your-2022/
  4. Gold is going to drop. The answer to why gold has not risen in USD in 2021..... Gold gets more expensive when real yields fall (period 2019 - to mid-2020). it was stable in 2021. if real yield would go up (QT), then gold will flop. same as crypto.
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