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  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/03/north-carolina-warns-voting-twice-is-illegal-after-trump-urges-people-to-do-so.html
  2. Actually TECH is destroying the world and SME. Its mega deflation scenario, this is why markets are pricing deflation in 2022. Amazing. The most important question is - who will fight with all those monopolies? Democrats - for sure, not. Reps - I also dont think so (they just are focused on fake news aspects of it)
  3. ITs only US which is roaring. almost whole world is flat or still below previous peaks. Its a US market phenomenon driven by TECH.
  4. At night they closed my shorts at 3403 on ES (10 points loss on ES) Non stop pump.
  5. I said it gain, dollar is bought. Previously EM FX, now EUR Im still holding shorts on SP500.
  6. USD in general is getting some mojo. getting stronger. Look at AUDUSD and many other crosses. Maybe we could get some sell-off. Still holding those shorts. 3330 ES is the real test. now is just a blip.
  7. Im earning money on my shorts. The question is do they break 55 EMA on hourly chart and at least test 3330 for 55 EMA on 4h chart. Hope so. Changed mode to trailing stop to take profit.
  8. With another USD 1.5 trillion in fiscal stimulus the US budget deficit could reach a staggering 27% of GDP this year, more than during WOII.
  9. Trump is getting better results in polls. So chances for winning elections are growing. This would be bullish cause he is super obsessed about the markets. If something happens he will attack fed again.
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-08-14/fed-s-kaplan-says-inflation-can-run-moderately-above-2-goal?__twitter_impression=true
  11. K wave IAM. great traders. missing them a lot. I think trader joe was also funny
  12. Turkish Gold Fever Spurs Dollar Oddity Unseen in Erdogan Era https://finance.yahoo.com/news/gold-fever-spurs-dollar-oddity-040000612.html
  13. I opened a small sort position in SP500 and nasdaq. Horizon, looking for small selloff within one week period.
  14. Here’s how Robinhood is raking in record cash on customer trades — despite making it free https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/13/how-robinhood-makes-money-on-customer-trades-despite-making-it-free.html
  15. At monday the latest we should have decent move on SP500. Im slowly buying some volatility.
  16. dont get me wrong. of course valuations of tech companies are frothy but its differnet then in 2002 when those companies didnt generate rev at all. we could have a correction but making a bet on crash or coming back to 2002 level is absurd to me. we live in different world. everything is becoming digital. everything.
  17. what? nasdaq? i cant agree with you. Those companies are monopolies and are generating huge revenues. its not 2002.
  18. Value Investing Is Short Tech Disruption https://www-sparklinecapital-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.sparklinecapital.com/amp/value-investing-is-short-tech-disruption
  19. Nice selloff in bonds market which pushes gold prices down also. 10 year bonds price near first good support so we will see if they save bonds then gold.
  20. Almost same, but article with Russel Napier https://themarket.ch/interview/russell-napier-central-banks-have-become-irrelevant-ld.2323
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