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  1. The come back to upport part of 8 year channel at SPX https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-bOIQ5F41fEA/WoAs7ZOfxPI/AAAAAAAALJw/BHku13TEC1IcvS6KGT0uNNI447UZ9TPHwCLcBGAs/s1600/SPX-500-longterm%2Blinear.PNG This looks bulish based on technicals. they even not tested 55 EMA on weekly. Some sideway would be nice for next couple of weeks to clear the air https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Iw_dKA2GJbI/WoA41bMzThI/AAAAAAAALKk/qXHMlnpeUj0wwFOceqEla1Gbkq3qFJO9QCLcBGAs/s1600/silver.PNG
  2. Congrats docs! nevertheless current selloff looks like technical accident based on xiv. There is no broad panic yet. Euro is extremely strong. still
  3. Great must read https://latest.13d.com/will-the-black-boxes-cause-the-next-financial-crisis-algorithmic-revolution-asset-management-d8827c29b537
  4. The real support is 55 Ema on weekly sp500 which is tracked by every investment bank from WS to Londyn and Tokyo I read their report every week.
  5. You may find some charts here they just come back to place of murder (like russell 2000) http://stojeipatrze.blogspot.com/2018/02/rzut-oka-na-rynki-powrot-do-wybic.html no strong reaction at USD, YEN, Gold etc.
  6. Only equities panic and VIX no real panic at FX like USD or bonds or gold. This looks like sell-off. Would not be shocked by NEW high by late march 2018. Nevertheless first reall support at 2510 (55 EMA weekly sp500)
  7. Its not true what you wrote there isnt any text in the link which point to that. "The second episode, which aired last week, highlighted another aspect of the drought. It shows how farmers are using treated oil wastewater to irrigate their crops, despite the fact that nobody has tested the wastewater to see if it's safe. "There are farmers so desperate for water in one particular irrigation district called Cawelo, they're taking some wastewater to irrigate crops from Chevron. It's being used to grow food for people—citrus crops, grapes, pistachios," Tom Frantz told Deol in the episode. "You grow an orange—it's 90 percent water when it gets to the consumer," Frantz continued. "Where did that water come from? It's the irrigation water. The irrigation water is toxic, even at very tiny amounts. Is there a tiny amount of toxicity now in the fruit? Nobody is testing that yet. And they're salting up their soil by using this water, which means ultimately they'll have to stop growing everything.""
  8. https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/treasury-plans-to-increase-size-of-debt-auctions-1517408688
  9. Chartology, text in polish but charts straightforward http://stojeipatrze.blogspot.com/2018/01/rzut-oka-na-rynki.html DJT - hit 30 year long resistance DJIA - line from 1929 - 28k as a resistance SP500 - 3040 real resistance, before 2940 EURUSD, USDEUR, DXY - all looks nice for a correction. and others with look at polish equity market (WIG, WIG20 etc)
  10. Good long read. Why China Likely Won’t Buy Fewer U.S. Treasury Bonds ceip.org/2Dr6L7w
  11. weak dollar could cause a equity crash (text in polish but chart is straghtforward) http://stojeipatrze.blogspot.com/2018/01/saby-dolar-moze-docelowo-doprowadzic-do.html
  12. 13w 48bln is rollover. new money 62 bln but its just 52w and 26w so mainly bills.

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