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  1. 10 yr yield chart bearish, target 2.30 oversupply in treasury all hype just another reason stocks soar higher
  2. another example how news is noise and means nothing liquidity rules and is BULLISH
  3. spx 3200 is coming real fast the amount of liquidity to be deployed is huge
  4. leveraging full tilt. adding every 10pts higher on rty, es, and ym bears never going to see 2850 again
  5. go equities and gold taking candy from a baby few realize how fast and how high his going
  6. added more rty at 1700 breaking 2 month dtl when will bears admit the are wrong? liquidity BULLISH armstrong is the only 1 right
  7. added more ym and es longs bears going to take the final blow this week powell''s speech friday going to pow pow bears
  8. this market is NOT out of gas the gas tank needle is now on full the needle is shooting to ath's and MORE liquidity is bullish
  9. grabbed some more dec gold at 1180, avg 1200 and more ym between now and labor day going to be epic for bulls ath's and then some parabolic in nature classic shake out before resuming launch job
  10. that minor downdraft for a week was just a BULL flag before new highs had to flush weak hands out
  11. took -100 on ym short. got long 25,500 and long rty 1688 liquidity VERY bullish along with low volumes equals higher prices dow and spx ath's coming fast on parabolic move
  12. Short YM 25,400 have some negative div's
  13. out of ym longs at 25390 right at dtl and with rty weak, calling bs on strength elsewhere
  14. still long ym, but something doesn't smell right but, with low volume and it being friday, they will likely run it up just waiting for levels to react
  15. FINRA has released new data for margin debt, now available through June. The latest debt level is down 3.3% month-over-month. The June data gives us an additional sense of recent investor behavior. https://www.advisorperspectives.com/dshort/updates/2018/07/27/margin-debt-and-the-market it appears margin debt behaving similar to 2000 and 2007 tops

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