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  1. There are rumors Biden is encouraging Ukraine to try to take back the Crimea with NATA responding in support of Ukraine against whatever Russia does to counter. Crimea has always been ethnically Russian. There is no justification.
  2. Whats wrong with "How to say "Where is the bathroom, please?" in 130 countries. Sounds like a great book. I'm going on a river cruise next year. I need it German, Czech, Austrian, and Hungarian. I'm good in England.
  3. Martin Armstrong shows beginning stages of major cash flowing from Europe to the US due to the EU being further down the Great Reset agenda than the US. He sees the US not as a safe haven, but safer than almost anywhere else at least for a while. Negative interest rates, thanks to Draghi, have essentially destroyed their bond market. Armstrong is a major cycle guy, funny how great minds think alike.
  4. I think the intended paradigm is "Nobody owns anything and everyone is happy." Its not a system, its how you feel about it. A return to the Dark Ages is beginning to sound good! Whats hard to fathom is the number of people so stupid as to swallow the media swill that's fed them.
  5. I keep remembering the 21% prime we had in the early 80s. Volker had big balls to do what he did. My company moved me to Minneapolis and had to buy my mortgage down to 10%. I thought I was lucky.... and I was.
  6. stoolies I'm having deja vu all over again looking through these posts - Doc still brilliant!
  7. I can think of worse things than a condo in Cabo, pass it to the heirs! Hope all stoles are well!
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