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    I was a little heavy on my death estimate for yesterday. The total for the day came to 960. Based on the rate it had been rising during the day, I had guessed that it would break 1000. There are signs that the infection curve may be flattening in a couple of key states, California, Florida, and Arizona, but one day does not a trend make. My cousin is an ER doc and toxicoligist in Tucson. They are really up against it there. We need to take care of our frontline doctors, nurses and support staff, by doing everything possible to be sure that we don't get sick and that our elderly relatives (like me) don't get sick. Wear a mask when you're out and about. And stay the fornicate away from other people. LEE'S FREE THINKING Take Care of Mom and Dad Because US COVID Deaths Just Broke Out by Lee Adler • July 9, 2020 The Trump Regime and its minions like Mo Ron DeSantis in state governments have been telling us that the daily record breaking COVID infection rate isn’t a problem because the death rate is way down. That’s good news, they say. Well not anymore.
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    New saying for Wall Street... I can't believe its not bullish!!!
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