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  1. IG Number Its a financial metric I invented. It quantifies the inflationary gift transfer of debt value in terms of a stocks value. Companies with high debt (long dated and fixed) have high IG numbers. The value of the debt is inflated away and transferred as value to the shareholders. This is currently 2% of debt per annum. So for a ten year bond 20% of its value is going to be transferred to the shareholders. But if inflation is 5% over the life of the bond 50% of its value gets transferred to shareholders. So the IG number depends on four factors:
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  2. I was bored so I shorted Game Stop at 103, 115 & 138. Sadly, it looks like my order for 155 will not be filled. And the stock is halted for at least the second time today. Normally, I would just short a stock like this all the way up from $25. This is much more enjoyable.
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  3. Gamestop call option action today was a giant bell tolling very, very loudly.
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  4. Missed this at the end of a thread. Good stuff!
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