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    Beautiful day today in gorgeous Bordeaux. Great town for walkabout! As are most European cities. Here, cities are made for people. In the US, with the exception of a few old cities on the east coast (hint, hint) cities are made for cars.
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    Yep, thoroughly enjoyed the travel blog intro .. I remember your heart attack but had no idea about the cancer diagnoses. I did also wonder about your marriage as you no longer mentioned Danielle and were obviously travelling alone on the last trip to Europe. Anyway carry on Doc .. I look forward to further travel updates
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    So, I think I've identified an underserved market niche in the travel blog sector. Long term travel for woke but broke boomers. So I did it. A work in progress. Enjoy! https://200daysineurope.com Meanwhile, back at my day job: https://liquiditytrader.com/index.php/2019/11/20/will-gold-hold-or-get-rolled/
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