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    Beautiful day today in gorgeous Bordeaux. Great town for walkabout! As are most European cities. Here, cities are made for people. In the US, with the exception of a few old cities on the east coast (hint, hint) cities are made for cars.
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    Yep, thoroughly enjoyed the travel blog intro .. I remember your heart attack but had no idea about the cancer diagnoses. I did also wonder about your marriage as you no longer mentioned Danielle and were obviously travelling alone on the last trip to Europe. Anyway carry on Doc .. I look forward to further travel updates
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    So, I think I've identified an underserved market niche in the travel blog sector. Long term travel for woke but broke boomers. So I did it. A work in progress. Enjoy! https://200daysineurope.com Meanwhile, back at my day job: https://liquiditytrader.com/index.php/2019/11/20/will-gold-hold-or-get-rolled/
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    Great fund idea. For names, I'm thinking maybe Shackles & Handcuffs for Insiders Terminated, trading under SH*T? Or Shackles & Handcuffs Terminated Foolishly, trading under SHTF?
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    Imagine. People can sell their stocks for no fee now. Good timing.
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    The 2 day cycle has been in an up phase since 12:20.
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    Might have been worse.......DJ-20 they had to circuit breaker American Airlines and Delta Airlines today....... maybe they can call in Ted Striker to save them........
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    Love the fangs! This is like a late Christmas! Enjoy the crash!
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    u have been right every time u have shook your fist at the moon....99/00 07/08 and now...read the thread every day...when u go lunatic...its time to listen
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    You have to get more bearish. Anarchy, cannibalism, the whole 9 yards.
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    THE HONEST HEDGE FUND CLOSURE LETTER A lot of smart hedge fund mangers are closing up shop. However their closure letters to their investors I think leave something to be desired. In the spirit of Christmas giving and the truth, I have decided to produce a generic hedge fund closure letter that hedge funds that are closing can use as a template to craft their own letters: Dear Investors The game is finally over. It was wonderful while it lasted, but massive Central bank bond buying has sadly come to an end. Ever since they panicked big time in 2009 and introduced massive quantitative easing its been a wonderful ride for stocks and bonds. We have not had to do anything, no stock picking skills required, just every year collect our massive 2 and 20, take very expensive holidays and buy ourselves lots of very expensive presents for Christmas. THANKS FED. Its been a wonderful welfare scheme for investors and hedge funds, but the writing has been on the wall ever since that Trump fellow got elected President and those little riots in Paris just seem to confirm everything. We looked like geniuses by just sitting tight and doing nothing. But the very action of this inaction is now making us look like fools. Time to shut up shop and open that private office in order to take advantage of all the wonderful shorting opportunities, and then pick up all the cheap assets after the crash for cents in the dollar. Just remember: all good Ponzi's eventually come to an end. Sorry got to go, the private jet to my holiday destination is waiting on the tarmac.
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    If Trump Inc is smart they, 4 layers deep in shell companies, or their friends, would be trading ES. Get short, have Donald tweet tariffs, Cha ching. Get long, have Donald tweet trade deal soon, Cha ching. I would be stunned if this isn't what is happening.
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