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    They are all Nazi storm troopers. Good on Kaine for putting Pompeo, who is as corrupt and craven as Trump, on record. Unfortunately, Barr is even more evil, if that's possible. But, my hope is, my opinion is, that the majority of the American people are finally fed up with this shit, and won't allow it. The 33% hard core racists and Nazis will never leave him. I feared that that might be enough for them to entrench their power. But the PR optics are going really badly for them now. They are misjudging this trend. The uprising against them is gaining steam, and they seem unable and unwilling to recognize that. But if they do not face certain justice, if they are not crushed like the vermin they are, they will come back.
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    So, in the end, it's up to Himmler. And he knows that if Trump leaves, he's going to jail. In my opinion there's no chance he'd fall on his sword. So who will escort Trump out on Jan 20? The Capitol police? Not likely with a cordon of Secret Service and US Marshals lined up to protect Trump. Only the US Military has the might to end such a nightmare. In any event, it will be an extra Constitutional coup. Trump has revealed that the Constitution is toilet paper. He merely needs control of the DoJ and DHS and he is the Law of the Land. He and Barr have no allegiance to the Constitution. The Courts are meaningless to them. These people are traitors. And so are the Republicans in the US Senate.
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    They are currently defying the Supreme Court DACA case ruling. Trump doesn't give a flying shit what the Supreme Court says. He controls all enforcement of Federal Law. Who is the muscle behind Supreme Court? The US Marshals. US Marshals are under Himmler's control.
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