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    From all My years of trading, March can be high or Low and September or October can also. March was low then we have to wait and see what September or October bring. Everything is in charts all you need is open MIND. It's Distribution so They don't need Fed money, It's coming from BAGHOLDERS.
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    DAX at 12300, absolutely exploding, bomb da base upwards... low was 79xx back in March in that DAX overnight instrument ("German30" or how those CFD brokers call it) Lessons learned (not that we didn't know this already, but sometimes have to clap on your own backhead): Even in the hardest imaginable times technicals rule. It is simply amazing how this whole mess could have been traded on plain vanilla technical chart analysis: Channels, a ROC and a few MA's you prefer and congestion areas. That's it. Truly amazing. Liquidity situation of course important, but it is more a thing you have to keep in mind. First TA, THEN liquidity. If there is no dough it would show up in the charts. I had a shitload of bullish German stocks at the end of May based on monthly chart analysis. You could now say "but they are already up much", well yes, but the bullish setup was there, now the momentum crowd gets sucked in. Also important: When EUR/USD rises - and it did quite much in last few days - this makes German stocks attractive for US based CTA's, those momentum hedgies. Most of those stocks I analyzed are up roughly 10% since end of May. I'm just not sure if this all feels like 2009 or more like 1999. Hopefully the barber asks about stocks soon...
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    Market think there is Unlimited QE, Fed has their back and it's wrong. Most likely that Rats are giving junk to Bagholders and once it's complete market is going to do swan dive.
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