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    I don't drink. I just rage at the machine. Midnight here. Good night, and good luck! From Zagreb
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    M'wife & youngest have an appointment tomorrow to get an antibody test. Been checking every morning to see if I can find a place that features only either the Abbott or Roche test. I'm hoping to have found such a place. Meanwhile, this was in the NYT this morning: Describes our kid's symptoms on March 3rd to a tee. We went to ER because we thought it was appendicitis, and one surgeon said they were going to operate him within the hour... only to have a second surgeon decide, "No." He was in so much pain, they put him on a morphine drip overnight. I put it at just above 50-50 that he tests positive for antibodies. Not sure about my wife, but she overnighted with him in ER, ergo, she is getting tested. If they both come back positive, my older son & I will get tested.
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