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    According to this count the number of cases worldwide has passed 4 million. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries In the US and Western Europe I multiply that by 20 to account for light and asymptomatic cases. For the rest of the world whatever the numbers reported they must be dwarfed by the reality. The reported numbers are of use mostly to judge the rate of change in infections but even that is going to be skewed because almost every government in the world has a thumb on the scale to drive the numbers down. So let me make a WAG and say the total number of cases worldwide is 200 million. That's 2.5% of the world population. Library's cafes and gyms are interesting but it is workplaces where the social/political/economic story is going to be told. When a few billion people are made aware that going to work risks killing them or their family or friends I'm thinking this is not going to make workers think of the company first. It will make people question their work as what defines them. This is not bullish for the corporate model. I'm not sure of my points exactly but whatever we have seen so far is nothing compared to what's coming.
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    On May 18 Western Australians entering Phase 2 of emerging from lock-down. For me it means the library, gym and local cafes will be open. Regional travel is still limited, going from 13 regions down to 4. Phase 3 will commence June 15, all going well...🙂
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    Basically it is important to make sure what we talk about. Do we talk about making money in tbe stock market or do we talk about being right and reasonable. Let‘s take Noland as an example. If you go back to 1998 for example he was right and everything he wrote made sense. But you can virtually feel between the lines that he thought the asian currency crisis was THE top. It was not. I‘m quite sure that during the aftermath of the SLA crisis he was bearish throughout the whole 90‘s. So again, it makes sense what he writes and so, but if you would have give him 1 million in 1990 he would have all lost it by 2000. I often think about the famous „Club of Rome“ quote from 1974. It marked the low which was never seen again. It seems some perma bears were members of the Club... Most of the perma bears did never trade or had any stake in the stock market. They don‘t know how it feels if you lose 30, 50, 60%... I would like to know how their perfect world would look like. Sometimes I think they just wish the time back when they lived in an all-white suburban neighbourhood in the 50s, mum was at home, daddy had a well paid job and just bought his new station waggon. That‘s it. Childhood memories.
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