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    A note about Gold: given the circumstances we are in right now Gold should be much much higher, far above 2000, maybe even flirting with 5k or so. The fact that it is even FAR away from seeing its ATH in USD should make Gold bulls very nervous. Gold would anticipate inflation, it would not simply REFLECT it. Gold says: There will be no inflation. „Asset bubble shows that there‘s inflation!“ I say: Which asset bubble? There are 5 stocks which go up and the whole world hides in them. The rest just prevented falling totally apart. What really happened in March? We don‘t know yet exactlly. My theory is that it was all about Blackrock. That one can‘t go bust or the whole world collapses. You have to realize that everyone on earth has the MSCI World in some way in his portfolio. Every 401k is constructed that way. It is all about them. The introduction of the 401k‘s and the introduction of negative interest rates were one of the biggest financial policy mistakes mankind has ever done,
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