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  2. China Trade War Talk is always good. Maybe talk about the Russians..... Or even the Martians.......... >: at this point, I am all in for "universal" UBI (free money for all) not just the elite/criminals/cartels of "money"
  3. When COVID is over, alas, we're going to need a new pandemic to justify unlimited liquidity and promising-vaccine jams and ever-new index highs.
  4. And YET ANOTHER vaccine Cure headline news After Hours with a end of day Jam Job and another AH Rip IT ALL Higher Fraud Pays, Crime Pays and its getting bigger/mainstream......quit thinking........ otherwise
  5. and there is the 5 minute machine gun - rip job back to the top Believe in the farce, Luke......... >: look at all those tails on the 30 minute someone(s) bank rolled this move higher all day >:: The end of the Day Jam Job works on cue...... >::: Low in the morning, buy it higher all day long...... just like the past 10 years
  6. What a mess. The chart of the last two days is an absolute mess.
  7. Some throw darts at dartboards, or use scrabble tiles to pick stocks, I just found my new way to move forward.........
  8. And there is the Magical Machine Gun Buying....... hit the ask at any cost
  9. Hourly oscillators now in bullish patterns. ES needs to clear 3166 for the up phase to get legs. Then has clearance to 3185.
  10. It's going to be very Boring till September
  11. When will it end.......... Over Under Sideways Down
  12. ES needs to clear 3160 to avoid a crash later today.
  13. The downtrend channel was broken by the price moving sideways. This is not usually bullish. The ES would now need to clear 3166 for a bullish signal.
  14. SPX is trading within the box. Not going to break out or break down for now.
  15. A downtrend channel using the lows with a paralell upper bound is intact.
  16. The market seems to have made a 3 day cycle low at the bell yesterday, testing it in the wee hours, around 4 AM in NY. The ES have rallied back to the top of an apparent channel. This is where push comes to shove. The up phase may die here leading to another leg down to a 5 day cycle low later today or tomorrow, currently projected around 3125. Or it could break the downtrend with an hourly bar closing 3161 now or 3157 in the next hour. That trendline drops at a rate of about 4 PPH. If they clear that, the next obstacle is the top of a flattish uptrend channel at 3164. If that holds, then another plunge like yesterday's would be possible, if not likely over the next couple of days. We're at a fulcrum here, so stay tuned.
  17. This story about possible reinfection is just rumor at this point. Maybe it can happen but it will turn out to be rare. https://www.vox.com/2020/7/12/21321653/getting-covid-19-twice-reinfection-antibody-herd-immunity
  18. Yesterday
  19. They were an Amateur Team.......😀 (until 1974) Their stadium looks cool.......it is in a valley next to fields/farm land (Adams Park)
  20. In their early days they were probably called „The Stools“ 😂
  21. that 15% loss is more market cap. loss than F or GM are actually worth. ufb >: ⚽ The Wycombe Wanderers (The Chairboys) make it to the the English Championship division for the first time in their history with a win over Exeter today. Founded in 1887
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