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  2. Yes. Liabilities to the Fed. Assets to the banks. But bank deposits are liabilities of the banks and assets of the account holders
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  4. I am embarrassed to have to ask this Lee but are bank reserves liabilities on their balance sheets? Both commercial and central banks. My mind is failing fast I guess.
  5. THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2020 Is not like the last quarter of 2019. No magic REPO burst to float the market to nirvana A very different psycological frame i.e. "The psychosphere" at work in this quarter One much more negative for stocks.
  6. APPLE REDUX Since my negative posts on Apple the stock seems to have gone only one way. DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. Not to worry. After Trump speaks it will be all
  9. Resource for clinical information on Coronavirus https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/pages/coronavirus-alert
  10. This is limp. I smell a dump. Do you smell a dump?
  11. The Fed fucked itself by not increasing Not QE in February to absorb the Treasury supply.
  12. 3127 is a key level. If they can't get past it, they're in big trouble.
  13. Twitter won't let me back in unless I remove the tweet. fornicate em. They suck anyway. I've wasted years there. A completely useless waste of time that never generated any business.
  14. If they take out this low, all hell will break loose. WIll make the last 2 days look like a Sunday school picnic.
  15. It's holding, but it's not over yet. Needs to clear 3148
  16. Several European sporting events being cancelled or affected by the C-19. Olympics......anyone...... >: If Euro soccer/football/rugby stops.......all is lost.....
  17. 3108 is the lower bound of the latest crash channel. Target would be 3078 if that cracks.
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