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  2. If, I say if. it busts 2800 this thing could go down like Christmas Eve.
  3. Based upon my recent trading results, I would have to say someone with better/quicker decision making skills and faster-twitch muscle fibers than I possess. 🙂
  4. Meat grinder. You were warned! 😉 Stock Market Cycle Indicators In Meat Grinder Setup
  5. All Ords 5-day chart http://bigcharts.mar...com/default.asp All Ords fell -0.6% however that is just a blip at this stage. Energy continued to lose ground, -3.1% with Consumer Staples not far behind, -2%. Gold gained the most, +0.3%. Over in Asia, China flat, Hong Kong +0.3%, Japan -0.2%, India currently +1.6%. No worries in UK/Europe: FTSE +0.6%, DAX +0.8%, CAC +0.9%.        http://bigcharts.mar...com/default.asp
  6. http://www.engrish.com/2018/07/im-the-hustess-heres-your-surver/ Found in a notebook from Korea.
  7. http://money.cnn.com...s/morning_call/ 24 hr Gold   http://www.kitco.com   http://www.kitconet....ase_metals.html http://www.kitconet.com/indexes.html
  8. A downward swoop for the early openers: Kiwis -0.5%, Aussies -0.8%, Japan -0.7%, Sth Korea -0.5%. In Aussie sectors, Gold on top today, +0.7% with Energy doing a crashette, -2.8%. All Ords http://www.abc.net.au/news/business/
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  10. The leaves are green, the sky is blue and the air is warm, summer is at hand. Nobody expects something bad to happen in the markets this time of year.
  11. 2:30 turn time was virtually LOD. Let's see what they can do with it.
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