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  2. interesting article. The retail crowd is no where to be seen in the metals market. Billionaire Sam Zell Buys Gold for First Time in Bet on Tight Supply https://finance.yahoo.com/news/billionaire-sam-zell-buys-gold-180902644.html
  3. That the 50 fibo is not broken at first attempt is normal. Many big funds have programmed shorts there. The question is: What happens after the retrace? See, for every bear on earth 2640/2650 is THE natural level to go short.
  4. Ok, besrs sre dead. When the shutdown ends they will get buried alive. 2650 is my line in the sand. Lifting tariffs would be a big thing. No doubt.
  5. Don't Be too sure.........It is all bullish......... 2650......Its all one big do-over
  6. Spike Doc must have added a week portion of his funds to stocks
  8. WORLD - WIDE Jam Job Right on Cue...... Crime Pays........again
  9. TRUMP POSTPONED HOUSE SPEAKER PELOSI'S ABILITY TO USE MILITARY AIRCRAFT - WHITE HOUSE ... and the S&P junps 15 points on that news. It is really beyond sickness. It is the total insanity.
  10. THey're settling with Chiner on the trade thing. Sell the news. After the next thousand or so.
  11. Today
  12. If not Trump it could be someone worse, or marginally better. He being gone doesn't end that America isn't what many want it to be or pretend it is. The walls are going up. You made the proper decision to leave on principal. It's best to fight letting this stuff occupy ones mind.
  13. The polls are so lopsided against him, they'd have to do a helluva rigging job. 57% actively against. I pray to whatever energy force for good there is in the universe that this guy finally self immolates. He's been a cancer on the human race his entire life. He sows chaos in his path in everything he has ever done. The Russians will ultimately come to regret making him their man. Unfortunately, this will end very badly for all. Everything he touches turns to shit. He's turning America to shit. That's the crime.
  14. That's good. Missed the earlier high by fitty cent.
  15. If we start going down again in H2 and that would last well into 2020 and would be devastating than Trumps second term would be under serious threat. The Street wants him. The Street is in fact in a love relationship with him.
  16. If they can get it to 2613, we should be able to break this mofo. At least for now.
  17. McConnell is the purest form of evil. He controls this whole mess. What does he get from it. That's the question. If anyone is on Putin's payroll, it's him. For Trump, the ends and the means are the same. Utter chaos. That's his goal. It gives him the feeling that he's the puppet master. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually rooting for the Deep State, which is just a more sinister sounding word than "bureaucracy."
  18. That's what I have been forecasting. Higher in the short run. No breakdown till second half. Specifics http://wallstreetexaminer.com/2019/01/short-term-cycle-projections-are-eye-popping/
  19. That's minus-chin. He may not be Kurk Douglas chin wise he isn't exactly a chinless wonder like our Senate leader McConnell, who actually has more of a neck problem
  20. Then he knows he should let the Treasuries surplus run down in the near term after the shutdown ends. Do not discount it could go on for a couple of more months. Insane? Whatever.
  21. I'm surprised T bills rates aren't falling. It makes one wonder what they would have done without the shutdown. More and more the shutdown looks like it was a Godsend for the markets.
  22. RIP jack. to think that vanguard is not for profit.
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