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  2. Thanks much Doc your work is appreciated greatly....fyi check your Easter egg there is something in it from the Easter Bunny .......
  3. I'm no longer with them. Have been posting on WSE. Will generally do 2-3 posts a week. Here are the latest. I'm still ramping up as I've devoted more attention to marketing lately. Lee's Latest Free Thinking LEE'S FREE THINKING Listen Now! Hollowing Out US Economy Will Lead To Cataclysm by Lee Adler • April 15, 2019 Content hosted by iono.fm Follow the money. Find the profits!Liquidity is money. Regardless of where in the world that money originates, eventually it flows to and through Wall Street. So if you want to know the direction of the next big moves in stocks and bonds, just follow the money. Lee Adler’s Liquidity Trader tracks and shows you the monetary… LEE'S FREE THINKING, MUST READ US Economy Growing Or Not? by Lee Adler • April 13, 2019 Is the US economy growing or not. That is the question. LEE'S FREE THINKING, MUST READ Treasury Bill Interest Rates Stay Sticky Near the Highs by Lee Adler • April 10, 2019 Short term Treasury Bill interest rates have remained near their highs. That’s despite the Fed announcing a less tight monetary policy, and despite a big reduction in Treasury supply. Follow the money. Find the profits!Liquidity is money. Regardless of where in the world that money originates, eventually it flows to and through Wall Street. So if you want to know…
  4. Doc I miss your smart money articles.....Low profile these days what says liquidity at this point?.....Holding short with long term UVXY @42.00 not looking good of course.....
  5. That will keep rising as returns are processed. All the deposits typically are not made the first day. Takes a week or more.
  6. high the last year was TNX3.248 on 10/5. That day, SPX 2885. Today TNX 2.558 SPX 2904 Job well done.
  7. Not to pin point any particular time....... U.S. Fixed Income markets will close early, at 2:00 p.m. ET No pain tomorrow........
  8. Cha ching. Tax day fills the Treasury account. Up $100bn or so from the 12th on the 16th to a comfortable $356bn
  9. whoaow! Gotta go. See you this afternoon! By the way, you can now get my Liquidity Trader reports by becoming a Wall Street Examiner supporter, via Patreon. Support the Wall Street Examiner and and I'll send you 1 or more Lee Adler's Liquidity Trader reports each month. Click the button below to see your options. Become a Patron!
  10. Spending nearly 5 months or workdays in Europe, I relate to 4 AM as being 10 AM in Europe, and 9 AM in London. There's usually some kind of news announcement involved.
  11. Looks like things are well in hand again. I love it when those needle bottoms happen right on the hour. 4AM in this case. So in your face. I can almost hear them say "What are you going to do about it?"
  12. All Ords 5-day chart http://bigcharts.mar...com/default.asp A spike at close left All Ords flat for the day. Telecomms and Energy shared top spot, +1.1% with Healthcare -1.3% down the most. Over in Asia, China -0.4%, Hong Kong -0.5%, Japan -0.8%, India currently -0.1%. UK/Europe bouncing along sideways: FTSE -0.4%, DAX -0.1%, CAC -0.3%.        http://bigcharts.mar...com/default.asp
  13. http://money.cnn.com...s/morning_call/ 24 hr Gold   http://www.kitco.com   http://www.kitconet....ase_metals.html http://www.kitconet.com/indexes.html
  14. A pre-Easter selloff happening in the early openers: Kiwis -0.3%, Aussies flat, Japan -0.4% and Sth Korea -0.7%. Energy +1% is the main gainer in Aussie sectors with Healthcare -1.6% down the most. All Ords http://www.abc.net.au/news/business/
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