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  2. Shport lines at 2917 and 2910. A whole lot of air below that. Next shport looks like 2880 if 2910 is busted.
  3. I ran across this. Day one in the modern history of Fed words. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/2000/11/13/in-87-crash-all-eyes-on-greenspan/2008098c-c6c0-4b5f-9b5b-3f8a13daa02c/?utm_term=.e247570cd74b
  4. And like me, one of his first jobs as a yon teen was as a vendor at Philly sports events. I worked the Eagles games, Temple football, and the Penn Relays. That's where the similarity ends. In more ways than one.
  5. I would like to give Jimbo a pass because he's a Philly guy. In fact, he grew up about a mile from where I lived, and went to the same high school I did. But he's a putz.
  6. Here's the thing about Cramer. He's always bullish. So he's been right a lot more than not. When he's been hysterically calling for a catastrophe, it's usually a bottom. But lately he's just been cautious. Throwing out warnings that this market doesn't look right. That's not like him. In the past, he's always been bullish at tops. So WhoTF knows?
  7. I guess Jerry Powell screwed up. Just one day but it does look bad on the chart.
  8. "Now what does the little man inside you say? See you gotta listen to the little man."
  9. Haven't watched that dude in years. But if my old, tired memory serves--and I would like to think it does--you could have put your question mark after "fade" and omitted the rest of the sentence. Or, alternatively, I suppose you could have reversed "Is" and "Cramer" and swapped out the question mark for a period. 🙂
  10. Apparently Wallstreetexaminer.com is under dos attack. I have initiated attack mode which requires a browser check before you can access the site. .
  11. That was a vicious bear market. Jerry Show Me the Money Powell is giving words today so unless he screws up you know how that should go.
  12. Server problems this morning. New webhost has problems. Same old same old.
  13. I guess that selling that SPY call yesterday was a half decent idea. With options, time is your enemy. If a quick profit is available, grab it. A deep out of the money play would have been far more profitable, but they're also the ones that to right to zero when you're wrong. You can't recover from zero. Which is why I prefer to buy at the money. Not as sexy when you get the timing right, but they hold premium better and offer some recovery with the use tight stops to protect against those times when you're not.
  14. All Ords 5-day chart  http://bigcharts.mar...com/default.asp All Ords faded away to finish -0.2%. Sectors ranged from Gold +1.1% down to Utilities -0.7%. Over in Asia, China -0.9%, Hong Kong -1.2%, Japan -0.4%, India currently +0.8%. UK/Europe trying to decide which way to jump: FTSE -0.2%, DAX -0.1%, CAC -0.2%.        http://bigcharts.mar...com/default.asp
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