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  2. Well I only gave back 75% of the profit I had at the open, from holding longs over the weekend. Is that a good thing? Today I go out 60% long, 40% short. I am well positioned for my gains and losses to cancel out. From chilly Zagreb, Croatia, In the immortal dulcet tone words of the late, great John Facenda... Have a nice night, and a good day tomorrow. Good night all.
  3. Your track record of appearances here is unsurpassed. LOL
  4. If this bull rampage goes on st this pace I gonna post the Soccer Bowl 80 ABC half time show
  5. Ah yes. The PullMyFinger Capital trading approach. I don't recommend it for others. 😉 "If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite has to be right."
  6. Except for the precious metals stocks. But now that I've noted that, they too will probably go in the tank.
  7. Today has turned into opposite day. Every position and recommendation is doing the opposite of what I expected.
  8. Trump didn't pay taxes. Bullish. Trump is losing money. Bullish. Trump is using the government to boost his own interests, bullish. Trump's tax audit stalled. I wonder why. Bullish. Trump is in the pocket of countries and special interests who pay him. Bullish.
  9. We have come to the projections and reached multiple resistance lines. Moment of truth. OK, couple hours of truth.
  10. Never, ever, gloat about your success. As soon as I posted that, profit dropped by 25%.
  11. Being bullish is exhausting, draining work for bearish suckers like me.
  12. Fock. Another one I chickenshitted on Friday just broke out.
  13. TSLA stands for Tremendous Shit Load Automobile.
  14. I saw this symbol TSLA that has a good trading pattern. I wonder what they do. I feel sorry for the people who shorted that Wednesday. Their lives are now over.
  15. I rarely day trade, but Friday I got the bug after a couple nice little trades on the short side earlier in the week, particularly a short of JPM which I covered Wednesday. Came in short GS Friday and covered it mid morning with a small profit. Had a few longs, and added mightily through mid day. I told you about chickening out on long TDOC, which is killing me. No conviction. I'm watching it for a BTFD moment. I had 8 trades going into the last hour Friday. I kept trying to short a couple into the rally because I was 100% long and I couldn't tolerate that. But trying to short that was l
  16. That's really interesting re Croatia, Doc. Thanks for taking the time to write it up. And thanks to itiswhatitis for asking. I was pondering a few similar questions myself but hadn't got around to putting them on screen.
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