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  2. At the close, the 5 day cycle projection was around 3225.
  3. If they can't get above 3255, then a drop to 3225 would probably be next move.
  4. 5 day cycle projection 3237 done, but the 5 day cycle indicator is still plunging. Suggests at least a test of the low ahead. Support indicated at 3240.
  5. I wasn't planning on staying here, but I liked the place so much I changed my plans. Great apartment, great spot to just chill for a month.
  6. I've arrived in Zadar, Croatia, where I'm going to stop and hang out for a month. Time to take a break and keep a regular schedule!
  7. This is not an index but a play on this whole house of cards.
  8. At any rate it is always certain that any stock market stumble will send TNX down fast and sure enough here we are. Which means nothing has changed. For almost 40 years it has been three steps forward one step back for stocks and for rates it has been one step forward and two steps back. Same old same old. Perhaps a change will be in the air when run of the mill corporate bond rates don't come down. What is a good index to follow that? Better yet would be a spread chart, Corp/TNX.
  9. i have given up trying to predict anything... However, as far as the virus is concerned, i have a nephew who works for the CDC and he said the rumor there is "stock up on Corona Extra... drink 1 bottle every 30 minutes", you will probably still get the virus but you wont care and you will die happy.😉
  10. Corona Virus is the name. Panic is the game. Is it a real deal for the stock market. Indicators say maybe. What say you!
  11. Last week
  12. Here's what I've been seeing. Just ordinary stuff like you see in New York or Chicago or LA every day.
  13. Have a good weekend! I'm heading back to Croatia in the morning. Making pit stops in Dubrovnik and Split again as I head for Zadar, where I'll settle down for a month, catch my breath and get some work done. Zadar is a place I fell in love with. The apartment I have there is fantastic. The old town where I'll be is a peninsula surrounded by a harbor off the Adriatic. The waterfront promenade is wonderful. I'm looking forward to a daily walk along the sea to the Sea Organ and Greeting to the sun to watch the amazing sunsets. And as in most of these towns, everything you need in life is just a few steps from your front door.
  14. Yep I also bought a wireless mouse last year but am back on wired at the moment. The wireless mouse chews through batteries and that bothers me from the environmental point of view. Worked well enough but had to reduce the acceleration. With you on being surrounded by mountains. I also get claustrophobic with forests although I don't mind visiting both. Give me the wide open spaces anytime....
  15. just crossed above the plunging 2 day cycle line. If it sticks, they'll erase most of the drop.
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