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  2. So much easier to use this site with Android. I'm just discovering this after how many years? I can voice text. I can use the voice translator. Got to promote!
  3. That's not the proximate cause today but I think it has been the cause of keeping the lid on this thing
  4. I believe the corporate supply both equities and fixed income are what is crushing this market. This has been going on for months. It's like a cancer that's finally taking a toll. I warned about this a couple years ago. I said that stock BuyBacks were two-way street. I wrote that once the stock prices reached a certain permanently high plateau, the supply will come out of the woodwork.
  5. Did the Fed secretly chose to do MBS transactions during full moons?
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  7. Looks like another selling Climax like 14th September. few days rest is required before another wave begins. Now everything is broken Bullmarket is over. It will be in rear view mirror that top is in come October. 3 Monthly red candle will end the Bearish picture.
  8. My guess is bounce. Not ready to collapse, just a scare but it's coming.
  9. Just eyeballing the ES intraday or night declines and subsequent bounce points since April around the 19th of each month, looks like: April 19 high to April 20 low--64 points May 18 high to May 19 low 124 points Friday June 18 high to Sunday night Jun 20 low 90 points Friday July 16 high to Monday July 19 low 144 points August 18 high to August 19 low 102 points Friday Sept 17 high to Sept 20 low (so far) 132 points I didn't measure these point declines exactly, but think it's decently close. Does recent history repeat and we bounce for awhile? Or is it a case of something works until it doesn't?
  10. Zooming in with 30 minute bars, the 2-3 day cycle projection is 4340.
  11. Just had a hairline fracture of Aug 19 low. Bounce here, then lower, but questionable whether today or later. The Chinese margin call heard round the world.
  12. It ain't exactly clear, but we have some parameters to watch this morning, that should tell us. Right now at 7:15 AM in New York, the ES is hanging from the lowest downtrending sport line. If they don't climb back above 4375 in the next two hours, then no recovery is likely from the outset in NY. The target would be the August 19 low around 4350. Here's the 2 hour bar perspective. The 2 hour bar oscillators have reached the level of the August 19 low. If they don't rebound here, we're in for an epic, epic day. Not just epic, mind you, but epic epic. Here's the one hour bar perspective. The 5 day cycle projection is 4350-55. That squares with the major sport at the August low. I would expect the next sustained bounce to start from there. If you are a new visitor to the Stool, please register and join in! To post your observations and charts, and snide, but good-natured, comments, click here to register. Be sure to respond to the confirmation email which is sent instantly. If not in your inbox, check your spam filter. Meanwhile, for your longer term infotainment and edification: Stock Market on the Brink Get Ready for the Coming Bond Market Bloodbath Lots of Sell Signals Again From Friday’s Swing Trade Screen Useless Banking Indicators Except for One Giant Red Flag
  13. Today market has hit my trendline. Not the time to short the market. Gap fill will come in play. No water fall yet. Waterfall will come at latter date. Full moon is in play (it has inverted and become bearish) just like New Moon Top in SPX, NDX
  14. Today we have hit Bottom trend line which should hold. Game over for Bulls. Market will try and close gap today then 1929 type scenario come in play. Dow first bounce around 30660 Final destination around 18600 Then Huge bounce for 5/7 Months Then even bigger drop as per long term chart. Top was in August and Not going to see that high for a long time. For it's popcorn time. Watch the show for free, End is going to be fun just like 2007 Bearmarket. So many traders believe that Fed control the market. That's going to proven wrong. waterfall is going to come but not yet
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  16. Nothing is free from Crooks. Free things cost you money. Just like Google and FB. They know more about you then your self.
  17. Articles like these make me sick....Black Rock was pumping gold a year ago. sell gold and buy stocks? really at these levels? gold and silver relative to the S&P500 is very cheap. Can get cheaper but not nearly as cheap as buying stocks at alltime highs. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/blackrock-fund-manager-cut-almost-163756248.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9jaXRpemVuZnJlZXByZXNzLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAEGfs1RP7xGKG4no0hQY_b-89Os72WavLkXiCVp2EicFSNu5CqroaEDIAMI3mKVQ5T8jR6qENgHByavBc2lfzjz66DmetCk8fCjjy5qT5q5cODPT_4_yrMVkPtsBX5huEChzQNMtXHqV2SS22HjJQKr1xih2O8QvKC9-KsweI_vx
  18. I too wondered where the yellow went. Look no further than Fed RRPs. That cash is just sitting there. Remember. It's overnight money. Same as cash.
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