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We don't know and neither do they.

Stool Goes To Disney World

Stepan N. Stool, PH&D January 14, 2001


Dr. Stool was asked what he was going to do in recognition of  last week's market, and he replied, "Stool's going to Disney World!" 

Now a couple of things are notable about that. First of all, of course, is the fact that Dr. Stool never refers to himself in the first person singular. Dr. Stool had noted that one world famous analyst, who is always bullish-- Dr. Stool doesn't remember his name but thinks it's Joe Cohen-- always used the imperial "we", instead of "I". Dr. Stool thought, "That must be the way to make people thing WE are humble, since it is WE, not I who does the analysis. This way WE can take all the credit for being right, and spread the blame around when WE are wrong." Dr. Stool felt it would be even better to always speak in the third person, or as, simply "Stool", thereby never having to take credit, or blame, or responsibility, for anything.  

After all, being an analyst means never having to say your sorry. (If you're old enough to know what Dr. Stool is talking about, you're old enough to remember the last bear market.)

The second point is that Dr. Stool really did go to Disney World over the weekend. Disney World and Wall Street have a lot in common. Aside from the fact that they are both rooted in fantasy, Dr. Stool spent the whole weekend feeling like someone had their hands in his pocket, and it wasn't his wife. Money kept disappearing, for no good purpose, that Dr. Stool could see. Everything cost two or three times what Dr. Stool thought it was worth, and the proprietors did everything in their power to scam people into thinking they were getting a good deal. And you know what, it works most of the time. Because W.C. Fields was right.

But Dr. Stool did notice one other thing this weekend.

There were no lines at Disney World.

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A Great Name in Retailing
Books, Software, Underwear, 
Accessories and
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This book is a must for you Stooligans out there. The bible of cyclical analysis.
The book that started Dr. Stool on the road to ruin.



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