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Analyst Drops Big Turd, Dr. Stool Announces the Blodgett-Meeker Prize


Dr. Stool was so inspired by the Mother Joseph Superior getting even more bullish Wednesday morning, he right away got in the Packard and tooled downtown to see his customer's man at the E.F. Hutton office. He told the customer's man to put in an order to go 200% short on a bunch of tech stocks. The customer's man got the order in about 9:45, and guess what, Dr. Stool was up 5% on the day. Way to go AJ Miss The Turn, I Don't Follow the Nasdaq, SPX 1650 Cohen. You are the best strategist in the world by far! Dr. Stool has never failed to make money off your calls.

In honor of the Mother dropping the big turd, Dr. Stool is unveiling a concept he's been working on for some time. 

The Blodgett - Meeker Prize
 for Analyst of the Year

Capitalstool.com will be awarding the B-M Prize to the analyst who has gone above and beyond duty's call, and nature's call, in furthering the aims of stock proctology to help investors make the right decisions to protect their portfolio asses. The analyst who wins the B-M Prize will be unwavering in analytical acumen, commitment to the goals of the  Wall Street brokerage and investment banking community, and professional ethics. 

Dr. Stool requests that readers assist in the process of selecting the recipient of the B-M Prize. Please make your nominations at Stool Pigeons on the Wire. Use the Analyst Droppings Forum. All nominees will be given fair consideration, but ultimately only one will stink out above the others. 

Stepan N. Stool PH&D


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A Great Name in Retailing
Books, Software, Underwear, 
Accessories and
Fine China


This book is a must for you Stooligans out there. The bible of cyclical analysis.
The book that started Dr. Stool on the road to ruin.



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