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The Anals of Stock Proctology 
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Old Stool 2001

Here's a list of past articles by Dr. Stool which received world-wide acclaim.  

Long Term- Stocks Are a Lousy Investment (3/27/01) 

OK, not all the time, but about a third of the time. And those times follow long periods of high returns, like the 1920s, and the fifties and sixties, and the last ten years.

Once Upon A Time (4/2/01)

Once upon a time there was an economist. And the economist said, "Lo, the stock market is a discounting mechanism." (more)

Lies and Gibberish  (3/24/01)

Dr. Stool is sick and tired of making fun of the stuff spewing out of Wall Street. We are drowning in it, and it is serious. 

The Mother Returns (3/23/01)

BRAACK. Excuse Dr. Stool while he cleans up the vomit. (more)


About That Three To Five Year Horizon (3/23/01)
James "Dow 36000" Glassman made a comment Tuesday Night on the Caint Nobody Buy Channel that caught Dr. Stool's ear. (more)

Mother Joseph Superior AJ Miss The Turn (3/11/01)
The first in the continuing, but irregular series, The Anal List Chronicles. Don't miss it. (more)


The Blodgett - Meeker Prize for Analyst of the Year (3/8/01)

Capitalstool.com will be awarding the B-M Prize to the analyst who has gone above and beyond nature's call. (more)

Beware the Consensus

The consensus isn't always wrong. It just depends on which way it is moving. (more) (3/6/01)

Stool Goes To Disney World  

Dr. Stool noted some interesting similarities with Wall Street. (more) (1/14/01)

Stool Banned!

Two of the largest message board sites have banned Dr. Stool from posting comments. (more) (1/10/01)

Fed Drops Load, Shorts soiled

Fed launches surprise attack, bulls stampede, bears mauled, injuries severe, many dead, wounded, MIA (More)(1/3/01) 

Grumpy Good Wishes

Holiday apologies, and warnings from the good doctor. (More)(12/23/00)

Tip of the Stoolberg

Dr. Stool examines the S-Bomb that sank your portfolio this year- the track record of Wall Street's top strategists. (More)(12/24/00)

Dr. Stool Illustrates Cycles

Want to know just what the hell Dr. Stool is talking about. This should give you an idea.

Bull Market - bear market Effect Explained

There are two types of bm effects, the lower case bm (bear market) effect, and the uppercase BM (Bull Market) effect. (More)(12/23/00)

Rate Cuts and the Madness of Cows

Dr. Stool never ceases to be amazed at the stupidity of  male cows. (More)(12/19/00) 

Scary Stuff

Dr. Stool received an e-mail that was scary. (More) (12/14/00) 

Voting With Their Investments

Democrats are evidently voting with their investments. Can it be that there are more Democrats than Republicans on Wall Street? (More) (12/13/00) 


Thinking about the "C" word? The risk of a "crash", is high and growing. (How do we define a crash these days, anyway?) (11/18/00) (More)

An Ill Wind

There are two problems with many analysts today. Either,
A. They are paid to be bullish, or
B. They've been around since 1975, or less, and have never experienced a bear market. (11/11/00) (More)

At the Epicenter (11/9/00) 
The election results in Palm Beach County, Florida are beginning to look like an 8.0 on the Richter scale of American politics, and the tremors are about to hit Wall Street. (More)

Overcapacity- How will we pay? (10/31/00)
What are the implications of years of booming capital spending, particularly in technology investments, and weak capacity utilization? (More)

The Bottom That Fools The Majority (10/29/00)
How quickly things change! Can the majority, which had its collective hand over its brow searching the horizon for the "bottom" recently, be correct in so anointing and embracing this turn? (More)  

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This book is a must for you Stooligans out there. The bible of cyclical analysis.
The book that started Dr. Stool on the road to ruin.


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